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  # 2009-10-10 #
A year after its launch, Microsoft has extended its excellent Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus application to small businesses.  You can now install it on up to 10 machines running genuine Windows XP/Vista/7 in your organization.



# 2009-09-30 #
The free Microsoft antivirus for home users, Microsoft Security Essentials, has gone live and is now available for download by general public.  Download yours today:

1. support Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 only
2. must pass Windows Genuine Verification before installation
3. no Chinese language version currently


# 2009-06-08 #
If you are using Outlook Express to access your Hotmail email, please note. 

On 1 September 2009, Microsoft will cease the DAV protocol used by Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, and Entourage to access Hotmail; in its place Hotmail has implemented POP3 and SMTP access.  Alternative is to download and install Windows Live Mail client.  It is a free application, part of the Windows Live web applications and services, and, because it changes how email is stored locally, does not carry the 2GB storage limitation la Outlook Express and Outlook (pre Outlook 2003 versions).

For more information and details on how to change email settings to enable POP3 access, please read:


# 2009-05-27 #
Windows Vista Service Pack 2 contains all service and performance updates since the operating system is released and it is now officially available for update or download.  You can update your Vista operating system via Windows Update or download the standalone installer and update without a connection to the Internet - currently only English and 4 other languages are available, so if you are using Chinese version of Windows Vista, please wait until the update becomes available.

Download Windows Vista Service Pack 2 standalone update for English, French, German, Japanese, or Spanish





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