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1. Memorandum to incorporate a company 成立公司備忘

use this form to supply to us with information needed to incorporate your new company

PDF form
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  Please note:
1. The following list is provided as is and in no order of preference.
2. While these applications have been tested on our systems, it does not mean they are certified or endorsed by ERPH for use on other computers.
3. Because conflict between software is unpredictable, we cannot guarantee any application to function correctly on your system, nor to provide warranty and support additionally to that of the vendor.
4. These applications are provided by the respective vendors free-of-charge.  If you are being asked to pay when downloading elsewhere, either a) you are downloading the wrong application, or, b) you may be visiting a malicious site by mistake and should leave the site immediately.
5. When in doubt, stop all download activities and contact our office directly.


Software   Description Office use Download
Adobe Reader   displays PDF documents on your computer Yes


Foxit Reader   lean alternative to Adobe Reader

Chinese language support is a separate download - see Add-ons section on website for details
Yes webpage
CutePDF Writer  

creates PDF files from your documents
requires Ghostscript - a separate download and installation - see website for details

Yes webpage
PDF reDirect   a better alternative to CutePDF - with merging and password functions and no Ghostscript installation Yes http
Comodo Internet Security  

free antivirus and firewall tool
from renowned firewall tools maker, but antivirus is weak... at least it's free for corporate use

Yes webpage
Online Armor Free   free firewall application from the makers of the award winning Online Armor Yes webpage
Microsoft Security Essentials   offers excellent antivirus protection free to all home users and up to 10 machines for small businesses running genuine copies of Windows XP/Vista/7 Yes,
up to 10
Panda Cloud Antivirus   a new thin client antivirus tool based on the "cloud" concept model and the result is a fast and light application that protects in real time and performs as well as traditional antivirus tools   webpage
Paint.NET   Microsoft Paint on steroids
Windows 小畫家 增強版
Yes webpage
CDBurnerXP   burns CD and DVD Yes http
SpywareBlaster   blocks and restricts access to malicious malware, online content and websites   webpage







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