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last update 31 Mar 2009

  1. Download our "Spell Cheque" Excel worksheet and save it to a location on your hard drive

  2. Open the file

  3. When you get this warning screen, click [Enable Macros] button

    If you do not see this prompt, close the file and follow the steps below to change your settings

  4. Input number in the blue box and press ENTER on the keyboard

    et viola!  Your number has been converted into words that you can write confidently on your cheques.... and now, SEND US YOUR CHEQUES, please!



IF there is no warning screen when opening the file, the security level of your application may have been set too high - Excel must be set to run macro for the file to work as described

  • Open the Security Settings screen

  • Set the security level to Medium and click OK to exit

  • Now open the Excel file again to run "Spell Cheque" - no need to restart the application

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