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From everyone at ERPH...


# 2009-10-10 #
A year after its launch, Microsoft has extended its excellent Microsoft Security Essentials antivirus application to small businesses.  You can now install it on up to 10 machines running genuine Windows XP/Vista/7 in your organization.


# 2010-06-19 #

To facilitate better service to our clients and to meet growing demands, we are moving to a bigger office.  The new address effective from 5 July 2010 is as follows:

Room 605, 6/F, Kowloon Centre
33 Ashley Road
Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hongkong

Phone numbers will remain the same.



香港 九龍 亞士厘道33號 九龍中心6樓605室



# 2010-02-04 #

Wishing you a prosperous Chinese New Year and make it a productive one!!
Our office will be closed for the festivities from 13 Feb - 17 Feb and will resume business on Thursday 18 February.


# 2009-12-23 #
everyone at ERPH wishes all our clients a Merry X'mas & Happy 2010



# 2009-09-30 #
Microsoft has released Microsoft Security Essentials officially, their free antivirus for home users with Microsoft Forefront's detection engine.


# 2009-07-15 #
The HKSAR Government is adjusting Business Registration Fee downwards for one year

From 1 August 2009 to 31 July 2010, 1 year Business Registration will cost HK$450 each for main registration and branch registration.

Our incorporation packages will be adjusted accordingly to reflect the new fee and directly passing the savings on to our customers!


本公司成立香港有限公司服務亦作相對調整,以反映新登記費 - 直接受惠本公司客戶!


# 2009-03-31 #
"SPELL CHEQUE" is an Excel worksheet based on a sample macro documented by Microsoft that converts numbers into words.  We have modified the macro slightly and incorporated it into an Excel spreadsheet for use by our office, friends and clients.

"SPELL CHEQUE" 是由一個微軟發報macro範例,經我們略為更改及溶合成這個Excel工作表提供給本公司員工,好友,及客戶使用


# 2009-03-23 #
Windows Internet Explorer 8 (IE8): the latest version of Microsoft's browser has been released officially, but there are reports that many of the compatibility issues remain with bank websites.  If you need access to the following and other online services, do not install IE8 until you have direct confirmation with your bank that their online banking service supports the software:

Windows Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) 已經正式發報,但跟據資料顯示數間銀行網上理財服務出現支援問題。 如果你需要使用以下或其他網上服務,請與該公司技術支援部確實支援IE8才安裝:

  • HSBC
  • Hang Seng
  • HKJC


# 2009-03-18 #
HKSAR Government 2009 Budget: business registration will increase to HK$2,450 from April 1, 2009 (per annum).
2008 : HK$450

Any company incorporated on April 1 onwards will be charged the additional $2,000 to cover the increase in their Business Registration fee.

This week is the final week to incorporate a tailor made limited company whereby any successful registration before March 31 can still apply its 1st year business registration at HK$450 (subject to business registration application submitted before or on March 31).

Our incorporation packages will be adjusted later to reflect the increase in business registration.

二OO九年度香港特別行政區政府財政預算案:由4月1日起,商業登記費將 回升到 HK$2,450 (以一年計)2008HK$450


這星期申請成立有限公司 (現成空殼有限公司除外) 如於3月31日前成功註冊,應該是最後一批以HK$450支付首年商業登記証費用。

本公司價目表將於稍後作 為調整,以反映新商業登記收費。


# 2009-03-10 #
The Crisis of Credit Visualized - a video presentation explaining the what and the why-fors of the current financial tsunami.

"The Crisis of Credit Visualized" 嘗試利用動畫解釋現時金融海嘯的來龍去脈。(英語圖片及傍述)

The Crisis of Credit Visualized from Jonathan Jarvis on Vimeo.


# 2009-01-23 #
Happy New Year of the Ox!  We at ERPH wish everyone a more prosperous year ahead.  Please click here to view our online greeting card.



# 2008-08-17 #
The launch of our new Corporate Search service is near.  Please contact us for more information.



# 2008-07-11 #
A friendly reminderPlease submit only new forms to Companies Registry from today.



# 2008-07-10 #
More content will be added so please come back and visit us for an update.


In other news 其他新聞....
Today is the last day to file the following in its existing form with Companies Registry (CR):

NC1A, D1, D2A, D3, R1

From tomorrow (Friday 11 July), only the new NC1, NC1G, D2A, R1 forms are accepted.  You can also file existing AR1 and AR3 forms until 13 December 2008, after which new forms must be used.

今日最後一日用以上現有公司註冊處[CR]表格存檔7月11日除Apple iPhone全球發首日外,亦是CR新表格NC1, NC1G, D2A, R1生效日期請使用新表格存檔。





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